"but that matt cardle guy has a high pitched voice doe"

whats crackaling?

well, for starters it was my birthday on erm... monday which i SLEPT in.
then i was given tons of stupidly icing cakes,two jumpers, a dress and one haribo. Great.
in addition to that, i just spent 7 minutes watching some dudes(in my class) presentation on 'dryer balls'. i have NEVER heard someone say the word 'balls' soo many times.. in my life. also, we never actually saw the 'dryer balls' which aparently dry your clothes in the washing machine.(To be honest, I DON'T BELIEVE IN DRYER BALLS)

anyways, i won this general knowledge at college. ok, i know that removes any 'coolness' from me. im sorry. the prize was chocolate. I couldnt's say 'no, im a hipster, we dont do quizzes..BITCH!' *sighs*

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