howdy do amigas?
ive come to the conclusion i love asian dudes with tatts. *coughs*. why did it take me soo long to admit that jay elctronica is amazing. hip hop has finally been restored. Seriously, if i hear one more person(american) say the word "anal" in a casual conversation.. i will switch. Also, can just say jersey shore is the best thing since french toast. When was the last time you washed your balls, WOULD YOU BLOW YOURSELF? thai matic and currensy are my favourite new mc's. Versace is lenngggg. Why does my arse jingle like beyonce, i want a firm bum. Girls wearing lace weave in this summer.. *cries and stutters*.. i. have.soo.much.respect.for you. Why does p diddy's dance remind me of a drunk nigerian man at a wedding? in other news, i just had a bucket of plantain. Sweeeeet!

bbckes, you just dont know!

Prince,my lover *in a bristolian accent*

*dribble* *dribble* *jizz*, ohhhh his music, this song is the epitomy?...of sex. Yes, i kkow his a meech and some time ago he insisted we should call him some next symbol but still. lengggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!


im actually crying with laughter!
this videoooo sdfnksdmfsmdmsmdn her voice is emotional. the whole thing is actually bringing me close to self harm...FUCK YOU YOUTUBE!! but the thing that got me...was in the description next to her video she was described as the "UK female urban sensation " waaaaaaaaaaa? OKAY!babababbaabbsbasmdnskjdkasjksd jejeejlejlelejnsm,ndmsnxmnsmcn



beautiful editorial by fashion156 team. kudos amigas!

immediate jizz

This song puts me in soo many states. its officially in my top 10 "songs for sexing" list.


hey lovelies,
soooo as a person i think reckon im still pretty lovely and blindly optimistic. YES,i actually find myself annoying.Since ive been in america....ive had tea four times. PAR! my recklessnes is somethhing to be checked by a justin nozuka is awesome. yes, i just said "awesome". imagine me saying a californiaaaaaaan accent. awwww. what a beg i am but yer. im growing a "beer belly". my fear of commitment is still at 75% but its "ighht". the word "love" is very meechy to me. my whole youth has been a blur. yo gabba gabba is still the most mindfucked thing ive seen. in other news i just an advert involving a lizard in a cockney accent.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? worrying i tells ya.

tash from lashes!

ive adored her voice and the bats for lashes crewdem since i was 15..kudos to her mythical and dream like voice!

good times.

my tings tings

like,seriuuusssly i have a thing for these nerdy but kinda hot guys. you know the ones with the quirmy shoreditch intellectual look and probably a member of the tea appreciation society.

  1. micheal cera-socially awkward juno boy2.jordon levitt-500 days of summer sweetheart

3.anthony micheal hall- breakfast club lengness

Curren$y: about to blow

im pretty much fascnicated with his american mc named 'Curren$y' and his whole persona..his new album(which i cant remeber its name) is pretty much amazing..lyrically dope. I see big things in the pipeline for his guy.


Why are people still wearing ugg boots? ...actually why are guys wearing them? ermm mendigarossss! but i wont lie i do own a pair anD its like putting your feet in a sheep. why would someone want to do that? maybe the comfyness....meh! but seriously why are people still wearing them in this SUMMER?? ITS BOILING! your from texas stop wearing ugg boots.. you twat!

return of the preppy boi *coughs* asher roth

AJ Abualrub is leng

Well,this is my latest crush mr abularub aka ahmad jamal.

Me and amie love him. his also the face of calvin lein..aparently..well obviously...well i think. wooooooo and because i can speak a lil bit of arabic..KERCHING!..i stand a chance with him..sorry amie.

ok.i need to stop watching disney channel

its actually embarassing that i this song(im 18) but i love camp rock and i know its cringe... but meh! jonas brothers... tick...those two pretty "cool" MC'S in the video..tick...demi dovato hair flowing about...tick..well i dont care.. im still exciting for (camp rock 2) coming in ..ermm two months(loyal fan)

FLUX mag

photos by saga sig

(my)bestest film..ever


.what is kim kardsahin's job? im intrigued.
.why does amie's dad have sooo many hats and bibies?
. That "make me babies" site is the jokest
.aziz ansari is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!
.vienna and jake from "batchelor" aare douches.
.when will jack penate ask my hand for marriage? now.NEVER!
.i need to stop watching degrassi.
.JIMMY aka drake aka aubrey graham makes me giggle
.i still have a love for gingers regardless m.i.a's attempt to segregate them in her last video.

Mary j lengness!

the wonderful word of vloggers

Wine vloggers are basically like normal bloggers but and they make videos to show..their love for "wine"..pretty much. like seriously,without these "wine vloggers" what would i ever do with myself.I JUST DONT KNOW! *cries* these guys presented below are the david beckhams of the wine bloging world...smashing all the stereotypes of wine tasters of being pretentious no no,they are the micheal jordan's of this very lucrative industry!

‘Over The Hedge’ with "rus"


Hotel St. George

this band from san diego grapped the attention to my literally a few days ago and i love their stuff. their new tune entitled 'Little Childrens' Bones' is pretty dope too. its very d.i.y. made by the band..themselves. think swordfights,robots, a dog with a cape. yup. thats them. amaze! hope you guys like the video.



.why do americans use "anal" in a (serious)sentence?
.why does fingering feel like your ladies 'bit' getting stabbed repeatedly ?
.white dudes take the longesssst to ask a girl out. its official
."yo gabba gabba" is probably the weirdest show ive ever laid eyes on.

.baby talk scares me.
.Does ray j still make records?
.when will scoop dogg find his dignity?
.Steve aoki is a G

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