Tbh, that tune with rhianna ft drake is kinda shit.

When i first heard rhianna will have a new song with drake. me and the millions of people were like  'oh, sick'. Then the video came out in which i can say she looked peng *stands up and claps*
but.........drake??? when did he get fat? *cries*
but more or less, the song is completely garbage.
'oh nana, whats my name?' is the chorus that is repeated for like 15 times. i don't know whether rhianna's suffering from amnesia but surely she should know her name and we shouldnt have to indulge in a tedious 3 minutes of her asking us to tell her..'name' WTF? how rude.
also the song does kinda lack content and...erm substance
Dear riri,
plz write more tunes about how you 'go hard' or something


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