Chloé fall 2010

i pretty much adored the chloe fall show a few months back. the whole beige,beige and MORE beige look totally got me from the flowy bounch hair of the models...... to the menswear style overcoats. the whole collection had a very seventies spotwear look to it which i loved. KUDOS!

love and sparkles,


and that thought-provoking california video with katy perry too! i aint forgot that one. *cries*

love and sparkles,



alicia and swiss beats? yes im late. but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

queen latifah hosting the event but also rapping to drake's - over, itwaqs...erm memorable. im tearing up. i wish she was my aunty.

ermmm jada pickett MOTHER-smith,plz for an "awards" not wear batty riders like ure an extra from sean paul's video..meh!
soo the "best female hip hop artist" went to NICKI MINAJ ...over veteran lil kim but she did look peng soo i'll allow her.

MOVINGGGGG ON,CAN I JUST SAY DRAKE LOOKED AMAZING in-a-no-hipster-kinda-way and yup, he won "best male hip hop artist"
*time to think*
eminem is pretty much BET's token white rapper.. heyyyy what about asher roth or...erm someone else but i still like him though.


yer annnnnnottthhheeeerrrrrrr trribute to the late micheal jackson with chris brown playing..ermm "miceal jackson". *coughs* chris brezzzy couldnt even sing as he was to busy....crying like a little LITERALLY!

and oh WHY IS TREY SONGZ SOO YUM? its emosh!

did they have a black gospel choir for everrrrrrrrrry act. yes. ofcourse.

PS: janelle monae is a G!

best performnace of the night minus the all white suit

Maison Martin Margiela

Starting from now to September the 5th, the Somerset house will be hosting the "Maison Martin Margiela ‘20’ The Exhibition"
This exhibition is to capture Margiela’s unique aesthetic and vision, incorporating garments, installations, photography and film. If you guys are around..check it out.. it would be pretty good.

Somerset House

Sun Airway's "Waiting On You" visuals from klipcollective on Vimeo.

life is better

i was born in the wrong era! *sighs*

Kurt cobain pretty much changed the (grunge rock)music scene in the 90's..obviously i was still little and it wasnt till.......i was like 14.. i was like dayumm, 'THIS MAN WAS A LEGEND' for mainly his songwriting skills to his band,nirvana featuring talented drummer dave grohl..Well, its such a shame he passed away soo young,whose knows what would have become of him. hmm anyways.RIP COBAIN!

the moment we forgot we were just good friends
i moved my arm (his) face went red again
one more bus home
another silent weekend

said love was painted gold
like all things growing old
the paint peels and slowly falls
you already know

looking out the glass
always sit together
we both know we could be someone better
not with our heads like London weather
said love was painted gold
like all things growing old
the paint peels and slowly falls
you already know

words by jack steadman(edited a teeny bit by me)

'If you don't like my lyrics you can press fast forward'


Mathias was in the latest Vman "Scandinavian Issue" editorial shot by Benjamin Alexander Huseby.WOOP WOOP!


hahahhaha since ive been in the states ive been watching a whole heap of old episodes of the insughtful show degrassi.which features character jimmy aka DRAKE. Yes! drake from young money was in this "teen" sitcom.looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. i know im late.. but i just find it hilarious considering the show is veryy meechy.

Sandra Freij for Mixte Mag – 2008

i loved this whole spread!very..ermm 60's?? the headpieces were pretty much on point.reminds me of my new favourite indie pop girl band..the LIKE!!!


hey y'all, here's the tunes ive been listening sinceive been residing in texas!

"why is momma dancing? MAKE HER STOP!

SOO for the past few days ive been residing in texas! woop woop! it's actually my first time in the U.S of A. and i'll be here till AUGUST THE 25TH! *collapses* and can i just say texas is boiling. i actually feel like im melting.
i have a new found crush on college base ball player tyler hoult.

and ive realised that DINERS..are best of the americana institution.also TAIO CRUZ is big here to my despair(and ears)

sooo if im not posting as much, its because IM ON HOLIDAY TILL AUGUST!!!!!!
but take care homies xxxx


hello homies, basically vice have colabaorated with UVA which are the colourful collective of architects and designers whose work is created using LED, projectors and customized software. Their work includes light sculptures, responsive installations and music videos...pretty much dope stuff

Ankara meets ruffle!

yes thats me..well hopefully. nah i joke. thats ACTUALLY me, i did a lil shoot for my mate

lankylarry and it was jokes. also im kinda late but i just saw the nike world cup video. its amazing. i love it and yes. I still love Ronaldo

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