Dan: Here is the deepest secret nobody knows. Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud, and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide. And this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart. I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

One of the film of the decades for me.

Oh! Mid eastern russia

Photos by pavel milyakov


Alrite soo usually i spit out optismism but heyy guys C'mon.this is bad.bad.this abbie norml is soo actually cringey right now.I knew rap was going downhill but i didnt know it was paving the ways for the likes of abbie norml.Hmmm supresssssssss.If abbie norl can rap then surely everyone has a chance in the hip hop word.for example bob the builder,spongebob squarepants,basil brush, the list is endless
but again if you do listen to the clip over and over in a might just become a teeny weenybit suicidal.haha.Hope you had lovely christmas guys.

According to adele this is the best stop motion video, shes every seen.

Adele is my mate btw, not just some random person i just made up for a laugh.for someone as cynical and rather sarcastic like her, im quite impressed with the fact she actually LIKES THE VIDEO...HALLULUYAHHHH..Can i have a AMENN?
*silent bars*

Brooke Nipar: is my new best friend!

Alrite in case your wondering Brooke Nipar is a one woman styling slash photography manchine.I love all her photos becasue they're just fun.Her images are raw and bneautiful..kinda like candy and ice-cream mix witha lil topping from a vice party..Thus make me happy.True story.She's one of my favorite stylist, she need to style me..i need to get rid of that Old nike trainers ive been wearing.ITS ACTUALLY DATED!!! phaha
C'mon her clients include Teen Vougue,Nylon,XXL,Marie Claire,Missbehave magazine,etc...SHE GOTTA BE GOOD!!

My Lust: Astley Clarke - ALL I WANT FOR XMAS

Ive been lusting on this site for a few weeks and I realised if i save my ema by 10 weeks i might be able to afford a ring.WOOP! I present you astley clarke.TAH DAH!
"Best Luxury Brand Online 2009" The thing i love them is the fact they're jewellery is soo elegant but yet rather contemporary and its delivered the next day..FOR FREEE!!! that'll surely make a difference in these recession times.

Sooo designer jewellery is what i want for christmasss.Yes.if you love me you'll get me atleast a ring.Ok.thanks.Loveyou too.Smooochesss
"True designer jewellery is a delicate combination of exquisite design, created with due attention by craftsmen of merit using real gemstones and precious metals. This dedication to perfection and inherent value creates some of the most beautiful jewellery in the world."

Dear Vice,STOP indulging HENRY HOLLAND childless fantasies.

Henry henry holland.So you guys now about his sexually charged BRIGHT BOLD t-shirt slogans and pretty peng dresses.Well yes. If you dont.. slap your self and stand in the corner for 5 mins and think about your life.Well anyhooo VBS TV and vodafone teamed to create the wonderwall called "HEROES" which i just really talented lovelies peeps doing pretty interesting stuff(well behind the scene footage).In this case it was henry holland where he decided he wanted to create a real mini house of holland.Which he actually did.

and its a shame i wasnt there becasue obviously i would have juust stayed there forever and ever.Well Duh.the hightlight is that errrythang was actually miniature size.lirally.hahah kinda alice in wonderland-ish..

House Arrest

Amazingly styled and directed shoot for zink magazine with the stunning alina rocks from models international ny.All i can say is wowo to the shoot Kudos to photographer by Jamie Nelson

I like GUYS.!

Alrite with me as long as you foloow or tick this proceduces ill like you or wanna tap ya..i joke but seriously,YES.
  • you have to be jokes..mainly please make me laugh...preferably of a more russell brand or russell howard humour.
    and if you dont even know who they are i advised you slap urself right now..ok?? Finee
  • Im an average loooking gyal i wouldnt say im angelina jolie but you gotta be a teeny ween but peng..preferably with hair..curly or wavy.
  • Other thing is being your own person...have you own style im tryinig of ya'll bait fixed boys..*yawns*
  • If you can make me've won my heart..well really and truly anything dont make me smile or laugh soo you kinda fucked there.
  • Cute text messages i love that....when they do dirty like ohh i wanna BEEEP BEEEP ure face and make you BEEEP.then ill #doachrisbrown on ya.
  • When you dont call back its a HEARTACHE...but then after me staring @ my phone for 3 hours ill just stop being a cheap arse and actually call
  • if you like anyone telll emm dont sayyy i cant BLAH BLAHHH bcuz BLAHH is doing BLAHH BLAHH.jut got offf urself rascaclart self and in the words of nike JUST DO IT!.

Alrite ive kinda rambled on a teeny bit and ive gone of point and i havent really given you a proper guide but heyy what do i know ..i have me own issues..hahah..anywayys tooddles xxx

ps: i just realised this sounded like some weird lonely heart sex ad noooooooo im fineeeee..really i actually



Emma ishta, latest model signed to img paris
ans she's australian.