my sleep pattern is meeechy!

soo its almost 5am im STILL not sleepy. whadahell?? soo im strangely on facebook and SOOO MANY RANDOM ADDS? i have like no.mutuals friends with you.whats crackaling bro? but ohh i love this picture of me and future tissueheads!!!!also i miss my russian hat :/

and ive been meeching around over franky'sphotos


Basically i love skerrit bwoy and..kinda (theactof)daggering..OBVIOUSLY i dont want to be daggerred. im fine. i'd rather watch spongebob, thank you very much. but his soo cool
reason why his a G...just watch the video below...



to be cont'd

This was our chance,a chance of pursuit of happiness.Did i ever change anything? I don’t know,well i guess i did,. I didn’t want a change you know.I just wanted to remain in this shell. The shell that made this moment.A moment of silence. the lost youth…my lost youth.One .two.three.this is what i’ve known.the beauty of lives.wildhearts.wildhearts…even young hearts.I think i’ve actually found this pursuit of..happiness? We just don’t know about anything. just the absence. I dont even know where im going but im loving every second of it.smiles. i cant stop smiling.things i would just your eyes…your eyes.snaps. impulsiveness.Ive started to be decisive now. watching.just watching everyone use this space. the very space that made us.

-- by me, still writing more and more stuff..hopefully..i could make it into a short movie. just hopefully.

i guarantee you that, this song will make you happy.

Probably the most random day i was having last thuirsday.when me and hannah at kings cross station i was like .. *pause* I swear thats the guy from primal scream..
Bobby Gillespie to be precise. hannah nagged me to ask if it was him.

(excuse my face..i loooked meechy and yup primal scream guy looked bad meechy too but he was actually in a good mood but seems EXTREMELY HIGH..which you'll realise in the our mini conversation)
sooo here was how i our convo went
me: hey..ermm are you..the ..primal..?
him:yeahh mann.
me: ohh frick i knew it..well kinda..isaw ure song on tv this morning aswell
him: hahah really?
me:yup..nme to be precise *grins*
him: ahhhh *wlaks around the station* do you know if its hot outside?
me:ermm probably..*whilst looking outside* yes. its hot..
him: ahhh stupid jacket(he had a jacket)
*ten minutes*
him: im really not sure if its hot..
me:it must be hot..
him: hmm
me: i have loads of coursework anyway..soo i cant really enjot this weather
him: well what can i say? its hot *in his stronggggest scottish accent*

ohh thats enough...Ohh yehh hannah fell infront of him with her pink ipod. CLASSIC!

Tamarind spring menu press thingy bob.

The other day me and hannah went to the tamarind restaurant presss thing to try out their new spring menu. sooo i know ALOT about food. considering i called lensils ..beans and there was an awkward silence on the table. apart for that it was lovely,we were wined and dines with tons orf lovely food to the point of me not eating till the next day. #fact.. Here was my favourites

tamarind chutney. sesame coated cake. with a chardonnay blend wine.

this last dessert was the warm carrot with ginger, pudding with carmekl sauce

Ok there was prettty loads of dazzling pictures but yerr. enough is enough. lolz!
My favourite wine was the infamous goose and the marlot blend.Suberb.
I would like to say thanks to all the staff and the ceo of tamarind restaturant for making all of us feel at home.
LOVE YOU!..not really..i do


Tamarind restaurant
20 Queen Street, Mayfair,
London W1J 5PR

Paper and glue

All i know is some guy called Ruben Martinho takes lovely photos but his illustrations are actually too nice.i kinda wanna poke my eye out.. just a teeny bit though.

Check out his stuffage


good evening i tells ya!

The beautiful work of gilbert francois

See more of his work here

Tunes of the day//month..??


i love this tune by jme and tempz! reason bcause its just jokes.jme could spit about spongebob getting attacked a rhino in peckham and STILL make it into a hit and TEMPZZ! SFJKHEFKNFJHFDJH is just amzing. his just random. watch out for hte random baseball bat in the video.CLASSIC!

Also darwin deez, ive been raving about them for ages and finally they have a video. Ok, fair enough the lead singer might look a bit like a shoreditch squatter who works at old blue last but i love this song. it makes me want to be in love.*daydreams* ahh. PLS SING AT MY 100 years time.

Safe x

L.A.M.B ARRIVES IN UK + free giveaway

Wagwarn homies, basically gwen stefani just launched some really buff heels/shoes from her L.A.M.Blabel and the ONLY PLACE i manage to get them was from daniel footwear!PAR!
I pretty much adore these stacked heels and the elaborate platforms and details on them such as the zebra prints and strappy woven leather features.LUSH!
while i was on their site i relaise they have amazing designers shoes at a great price... *faints*
Basically the peeps at daniel believe that when it comes to women's shoes , its gotta be designers.and blammmmy!!!!!in these time sof economical recesssion. they are perfect!
Because im nice im giving one of my readers a chance to get one of the daniel footwear flip flops for FREEE!

tell me. Where is daniel footwear office based at?
a. Australia

and comment HERE with ure answer or

tweet me at @alritefumz

and i'll pick a winner tomorrow at 5PM!

Safe x


The Mac team pretty much stepped up their game at the anna&boy fashion show. it was all about the freckles and lovely lashes. I pretty much want the wedges(somebody please buy them for me, thanks) but the whole sixties look worked with the petal-covered swimming caps .
Photos by Mac

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