well..this is me

1. I have commitment -phobia
2. I go starbucks every wednesdays..always hot chocoate and chocolate muffin :)
3. I always think the smaller the ring the more precious it is.
4. I have 2 blue normal jeans the rest of my jeans are skinnies .
5. A glass of champagne is enough to get me drunk :D
6.I always feel loved by the people around me :/
7. I miss being young when you can just JUMP around and play in the mud without a care.
8.Gigs&Festivals make me happy.
9.I hate the thought of dying alone or just living in the world alone.
10.Sometimes the world becomes a blur to me
11. I love people with Ginger hair!!! no one should ever be discriminated by hair colour..thats just stupid :P
12.My Black Mac Jacket is the shizzle(lol)!!!!!!
13. I wish i had a younger brother but oo well :D
14. I do believe everyone is beautiful inside out :)
15.I drink water everyday/every minute like excessively but its alll good :)


you know how everyone(MEDIA) has been going on about how we should all be environmental friendly and we should all wear organic cloths
Well Dazed & confused Magazine did just that...umm well kinda.They did a photshoot about a young self-sufficient tribe of eco-warriors dress for the future, camouflaged in recycled waste and plant-life.

Apart from the kids being dead cute(and pretty good models)..well all get the message
WEAR ORGANIC CLOTHES !!!!!!(well ill try to ) :)

Those Brighton Kids are gonna take over the world!!!

Have you guys notice that there's been a rise of young n talented individuals?..Not to mention an emerging group of Brighton Kids who taking over the fashion/photography/art scene :)
well imediately three names pop to mind!
Louie Harris Frisk,15Photobucket
Chani Ra Layzell,15Photobucket
And the amazing Taylor Newman Bruce,16Photobucket

Well lets get started with the only boy in this featured mr louie harris frisk…who by any means undoubtly is a great photographer who if u looks throughs his portfolio you automatically drawed in into his world of graffiti/fashion/friendship and youth.
He has been described as
A “raw talent”
"sharp _ fresh _ amazing"
“always exciting, original and bascially amazing”Photobucket
Doo I stress he is a top designer aswell (his label is called mysteez btw ) and his part of the widely anticipated sweetspacenine(SS9) --- but ill write about that in another

To find more about him and for bookings
or view his porfolio:

The second brighton kid to Burst to the fashion scene is Ms Chani ra Layzell
The self confessed fashion Junkie is a "Designer/Model/Dancer//Yout Of SweetSpaceNine/Gold Obsessor,…”
Her unique style and determination to make it Big is what sets her apart from everyone
Miss Chani ra already has her own label under the name of “House of It”
Photobucket Photobucket
she is the only female in sweetspacenine collective which you’ll soon be hearing about(in 2009)

Banner 1.jpg
To find about this top designer :
or even buy some quality stuff from her check this out:

and now for the probably the coolest kid in brighton is the lovely>>>..

Taylor newman Bruce known on myspace as Tayluhhhmade
She’s the self made It Kid
Whose customises anything and anywhere
She dances/writes/models and is moving oceans in brighton already :]
Chances are youve met her!!! and ohh yeah did i tell you she kicks ass at editing :D

Her distinct looks and sheer talent is what obviously is what is gonna get her far in fashion industry.....

find out about Tayluhhmade:

welll enuff of me going on about these Brighton Kids who by the way are all under the ages of 18!! But dont say u didnt hear it from me when they take over the world!!! :D

tahhh dahhh