HI...HELLO amigas
just finised having the best tea...ever. ahh
how insightful
but....... yes, HOW ARE YOU???
my supersuperduper friend bonnie had a house party yesterday which was lovely as i saw friends ive havent seen in ages.everyone just looks completely different. IM NEVER GOING TEXAS AGAIN.
in other news, who watched xfactor yesterday? me and maria watched it before the house parrrie(party) and im defo routing for ONE DIRECTION to win....or matt cradle(my husband..obvs).

also, i have nothing against cher lloyd but i do think she's still slightly........gassed.
'you know what yeah, ballads have been done, soo im just gonna do my own thing' hahahahahhahahahah GERR OUT OF HERR.

Disclaimer: the boy in the photo is blantently cher's alter ago.

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