This is one of many amazing shots from my new favorite magazine PONYTAIL (i wonder who came up with that name, maybe the person had a ponytail and felt the need that people should have ponytails or ponytail- the hair style is underrated) hmm who knows??, i actually adore they're fashion spreads partially because i wish i was in them, snaps.Crackles!but buy this magazine and you'll be like dayummmm.Why o why?? havent i found out about ponytail magazine, I guess ive been stuck in the dark ages reading my daily dosage of spongebob squarepants. *gasps*


(Photo courtesy of P.G )

  • I like making people happy
  • I think im might be a blind optismist(not saying a blind.GOD FROBID)
  • Happy birthday amber(aka my sistren)for tomorrow
  • I reckon this could be the best time for me to watch "the hangover"
  • I think i might have slight fetish with guys with hair...well i mean afros, or just peng hair.hmmm
  • I need to drink tea and also these caramel "snack a jacks" are the best thing to come UK since helen mirren
  • Right now im watching this reallly cringeyyy work-out video but its all good. I need to be FIT, bcuz at this moment even peter kay is fitter than me #fact

Buckery Summary

Well ello bumcheeks,basically my days recently has been spent buying £1 films from Poundland ,playing guitar hero and me BASICALLY trying to find a job and..ermm failing

basically this when i got back from college, and yes, that was a real fur. and no its not mine and YES I GAVE IT BACK TO MY MATE WHO GAVE IT TO ME.
ANIMAL CRUELTY is a no no, even though that fur did make warmmm as ..ermm..tea??

ohh rewind like 3 hours when i was trying on this corset bra thing i got from topshop and..BANG!BOOBS IN URZZ FACE!

Puberty has finally that its course, im proud. BARE IN MIND THAT WAS A SIZE 6 corset bra thigeyy!!! my boobs are kinda non existent *Cries* but they growing as big as cupcakes (some may say)
and ohh snaps i just remembered?!!! WHO WATCH CELEBRITY BROTHER?? yes?? no?? well basically in case you were hibernating or u'd been attack by a dolphin which prevented you from watching, nicole T got secretly evicted(without her shoes on) in which DAVINA, yes davina the host of the show went in , as a chicken pretending to be nicola, this was probably the highlight of the series and BY FAR the funniest moment but creppiest.Enjoy!

MILAN: SS10 Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland returned to milan fashion week with a artist David Shrigley who created beautiful artwork with celebrated pringle's signature looks such as class twinset and arygle patterns.AHHH snaps! in this weather i reckon i need meself some patterned cardis aswell.Crackles. I shall be heading the shops soon.

Also, Pringle of Scotland previewed an animated film created by David Shrigley at the Autumn / Winter 2010 show in Milan. The film depicts the making of jumpers and cardigans over the brands 195 year history using Shrigley's notorious dead-pan wit and humour.Also its states the fact they make the best jumpers and cardis in the entire world and everyone else jumpers is rubbish and they smell of old pensioners.ok i made that last bit up but yes. I loved this david shrigley video.Kudos
and FINALLLYY. the official campaign film staring academy award winner actress tilda swinton directed by art photographer Ryan McGinley.In which she models both the mens and female wear. The video is just epic, capturing the beautiful elements of scotland and the stunning images of the clothes.


When i had the song, little boots was some any NON blonde girl singing a weird and elctic cover to wiley's number 2 hit "wearing my roles" ahhh good times, it was only less than a year ago that this video came out but she's gone far.GWARNNN! this furthermore confirm to me that if you can do a cover of a grime elctro song on a ...ermm..piano.YOU WILL go FAR! WOOP!
ohh here was the original song btw!

Electric K I D S

Waaaagwaaaarnn to VogueUS January. For this spread they "hooked up" adorable Sasha Pivovarova and members of the Horrors, Chester French and the Golden Silversl to create a fun loving shoot, C'mon i will run around naked holding a pineapple inmy head to be in a shoot with FARIS ROTTER(lead singer of "the horrors") ahhh but yes i loved this shoot and the pink hair, hmm i shll be purchasing a pink wig soon...well hopefully.Remind me to.ahhh.

P O L A R O I D is backkkkkkkk!!!

Say hello to the new creative director of Polaroid.
Stefani Germanotta aka lady gaga at the press conference she said:
"The Haus of Gaga has been developing prototypes in the vein of fashion/technology/photography innovation, blending the iconic history of Polaroid and instant film with the digital era. Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and as my father puts it, finally have a real job."

Oh wow! this should be excited seeming as only months ago, Polaroid cameras were going to be discontinued but now they are back on track.Phwoar! but as
Polaroid confirmed "new products by Lady Gaga will hit retail shelves starting in late 2010".Lets just wait and see!

Vice Guide to Liberia

On january the 19th VBS:TV are releasing a documentary~(in eight segments). The documentary follows the vice team as they visit liberia which has been strucked by 14 years of civil war, They guided by Joshua Blahyi, aka General Butt Naked, an ex-war lord famed for forcing his soldiers to fight wearing nothing but shoes. Blahyi admits to killing more than 20,000 people and drinking the blood of children, but now spends his time preaching about his quest for forgiveness.

the documentary basically follows the viceteam as they begin to see the dark sides of liberia and the people who pay the price of this unjust war(...the kids) but its actually rather hopeful as it shows those who are desperate to put they're lives back together

Chameleons change colours to blend in.WRONG!

Yup chameloans those lizards thingey bos never change to blend in with background.TOTAL blah blah.Phewwwww.Basically they end up changing colour because of they're neverending hormones,but if they just happened to be the same colour of the background.its probably just an amazing concidence.They tend to change co,our when scared,carried or when they win another chameleon in some massive fight.YUP Chameleon beef TING.

Oh the word chameleon in greek means "ground -lion" . *pats herself on the head* and aparently in the bible one is forbidden to eat a chameleon.soo incase you're thinking of eating one...DONT.have a pizza and something.

Sasha Pivovavora has goooglllly eyes!

sinklines and lovelines

We came to this world as a raft in the ocean,we didn’t know whether to pull the plug that holds the air inside or go with the flow.

We let the tide take us and we experienced life as a follower,with no route and no lead.

but its time that we sink into ourselves and follow the road less taken.

Show me that you wont follow anyone else but your heart.

Where's the fox?

the loveliest place on earth.the serenity, the silence, just peace
photos taken by my amazing friend khadija saye

Shadez the Misfit(is actually not really a misfit)

I caught up with shadez the misfit probably known to his mum as tazar.We discussed his music,tap dancing rats and it was just a pretty "normal conversation".
Funmi: Yooooo
Shadez: yo yo yo homesliiceee
Funmi :Soo how did the name Shadez the misfit come about?
Shadez: Well, shadez the misfit was something deep for myself so if i ever fall off i will always be reminded why im doing this.shadez meaning shadow in gods light and misfit meaning not the same as the others. no conforming but no conforming for the better
Funmi: Oh from ure myspace I kinda got the idea the name came from some space galactic??
Shadez: looool
Funmi: Soo i was wrong then...C'mon who u influenced by then??
Shadez: I’m influenced mainly by good music, AndrĂ© 3000 ,Micachu ,Kurt Cobain ,Dexter Wansel ,J*Davey ,Jay electronica , phone from little brother ,mf doom ,madlib ,Metronomy ,Calvin harris,sting and the police and many more

Funmi: I like the way you said "good music" so what would you class as "bad music" then?
Shadez: commercial industry music which does no convey any message or emotion and
talks about aimless possessions which i could buy with money aswell
Funmi: If i paid you 10 grand to sing about tap dancing rats(who pole dance) will you do it? sorry i meant £10 pounds
Shadez: i would but i would add a twist to it make it fun not make it sound like karaoke machine then me and you could spend it in the pub.
Funmi: Do you actually think the chance of tap dancing rats(who pole dance) is high??
Shadez: the future is never promised but with technology anything is possible
Funmi: Oh yehh, Back to the music. How would you describe your style and what separates from the thousands of artists jumping on the scene?

Shadez: my music style is experimental i aim not to place my style in a box or categorise myself soo experimental with the influence of many genres manly hip hop ,indie and electro , what makes me different is that I aim to progress and make timeless music but also show my story through music you being able to experience real life related lyrics music through the eyes of someone who skates who has been in the gang lifestyle who has walked through stages of life that people may be struggling with.
Funmi: Soo what’s ure plans for the coming year? Any gigs?
Shadez: alooot of gigs this year just got news that i might be supporting someone big cant say till all is finalised but big shows and alot of energy , building on my stage presence and providing everyone with Misfit Moments
Funmi: Ok, can u give me a clue on this "someone big"??
Shadez: ummmmmmm nahhh loool hes widely knownn thats all i can say
You suck!


ROSE: Planet Earth. This is where I was born. And this is where I died. The first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all, not ever. And then I met a man called the Doctor. A man who could change his face. And he took me away from home in his magical machine. He showed me the whole of time and space. I thought it would never end.


Vanilla sky

I keep forgetting this dream.It keeps recuring in my head.arghh.2mins exactly after the dream. I wake up and for that 2 minutes the memory stays.I still remain alrmed yet some how confused.You see im quite ermm opened, i actually want to share this dream,its actually bugging me but the minute i open mouth to say "I had this dreamm.." the memory of the dream begins to fade out away.Im now left with silence and sort of ammnesia.Everything that i could remembere becomes like flickers and gasps of ...nothing.A little birdy. a guy.a drink.desirethe sun rise.X+X= 2x.Psyan.beings.Grrr if only i could remmbere. i need to remember. i have to.

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