BEN TROVATO:my(blog)crush

The other day, i caught up with the lovely 24 year old art director marius troy and founder of the well known blog ben trovato.We discussed music, the fact he tired of seeing beautiful girls photographed with white backgrounds and some other stuff in between.

Me:Alright mr, i know you're quite the traveller.Soo where have you been residing at ??
Marius troy: Right now I'm in Oslo, but I'm always on the move. I just got to Oslo after
spending time in New Delhi, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, LA, Miami,
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro during 2009.

Me:How did you get into the whole blogging malarky?
Marius troy:I've always been interested by visual inspiration, and how photography,
graphic design, illustration and art overall can be used to communicate a
message, provoke feelings, and/or tell stories. I then started a blog a few
years ago where I posted what I found inspiring, may that be a photo or a
song. But after running it for a while I found that my posts consisted of
pretty much just fashion photography, so I thought, "Hey! Why not just make
a concept out of it?" And that's how Ben Trovato Blog was created.

Me:Everytime i read your blog ive always seen it as you promoting fresh new that your purpose?
Marius troy:BTB was created with the intention of bringing new talent into the
limelight, but also inspire those who hasn't quite made it to a professional
level yet. The posts consists mainly of young promising professionals, but
now and again I feature a someone with a lot of experience within the

Me: influences and inspirations?
Marius troy:Personally I get very inspired by photographers that dare to move into
unknown territory creatively. Although people might say that the business is
evolving all the time, and that you need to stay aware of new trends to keep
up, I feel like there's been a slight stagnation the last two years. The
warm vintage tint has been here for a while now, and there was I time where
I got sick of seeing beautiful girls with strong make up and wayfarers on a
white background shot with camera flash. Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson
started that trend years ago, and it's time to move on.

Me: What music are you currently banging on about?
Marius troy: Right now I'm very excited about B.o.B aka Bobby Ray. Be sure to check out
his album that drops May 25th. :)

Me:any plans for the future?
Marius troy:I am moving to Milan very soon to get closer to the action! And I am always
thinking of new ways to make Ben Trovato Blog better.


my latest crush are these two comedic geniuses(in my eyes), i kinda want to adopt em but marry em..but im not entirely sure how thats ever...going to be work out!Meh!

Simian Mobile Disco meets Smirnoff

hello gello melloo waaa gwarnn G's??? OK ,maybe i pushed it too much but basically Kings of electro-ey pop simian mobile disco are amazing and i love them .....incase you've been living in a bubble and uve NEVER EVER heard of them .....?? **faints**

anyhooo they are doing probabbly one of their biggest event event in berlin in conjunction with Sooo if you just happen to be in berlin or actually have money to jet off to berlin.DO IT!it would be amazinglcdusdu! Shame! im going to top be stuck in london...with school stuff and all that malarky *sighs*


Theophilus London,My love!

Are you an artist under 35? YES. then read along.

We are know the art industry is a pretty hard shizzle to get a move on and the fact that everyone wants to be a deigner,artist,photographer is not exactly helping. i have the fear of seeing loads of homeless former art students on the streets on shoreditch seeing...ermm pencils or something of that sort.
Oh yeah before i rambled off, dazed/coverse awards 2010 is opened now and its "open to all artists under the age of 35 who are not represented by a gallery in the UK, and are British or UK-based".

"The winner will receive a cash prize of £6,000 and each of the shortlisted artists £1,000. Both the shortlisted artists and the winner will both their entry and their portfolio of work exhibited at the renowned Stephen Friedman Gallery in London in July and August, 2010."

Click here for more information entering the competition and all that malarky.

Email your submission to


WHOSE THAT??? oh snaps! its me...ermm ok.

Am i the only person to agree on this pic that my eyes looks very very oriental?

Yup, im blackanese. im glad you've finally figured that out. my mums part chinese and my dads nigeria. snaps a roo! how did that work(lies).but im not sure if ive mentioned but i write for this blog called WANG...short for we are not gully(cant remember why), its basically me and 5 other mates just rambling about anything really,attempting to be funny but also intelligent. EPIC FAIL! haha i joke but the blog's pretty cool(Well someone said it was)..they were probably just lying to make me happy.ahhh.but have a peep though. Also ive just had 3 teas in the past 2 hours and im feeling both sick and dizzzy. Drinking tea excessively like me is not good. Just dont do it guys. *continues jumping on the bed* but yes. Take care.Stay safe x


whinning//school canteen//spitting//food///2003///what else is there to miss??

Mr Anderson: MISH//MASH

J.W. Anderson is a rising menswears designer his stuffa are pretty cool, ive just heard about him like 2 days ago and i must say i likey . His new womens collection has a dark edge with hints if sheer mesh, a hint of gothic/twilight with some sparkle of romantics shades.

Marc by Marc jacob: faces of the season


Nina is pretty awesome. You see,she's a illustrator from london.Obviously.She works using pens, felt tips, biros, pencils, inks and mac but her stuff are pretty meeche good. here's a lil something she did for "i want you magazine".


Andalucia by one of my favorite bands "Doves"

DJ CAR??? i want. i want *faints*

Soo tomorrow is the launch Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour featuring the likes of mystery jets and loads of other cool bands.On show will be the first ever ever EVER
fully functioning DJ car,on the decks will jack penate, nick grimshaw and i will bribe them soo i can dj a lil somethin somethin preferably some ol skoool spice girls with a hint of major lazer. hahahah but it should be fun and i promise homis to take pictures and all that malarky. I joke, ill jack some food for you guys. Ok? Deal? Finito.


I present you guys stevie ryan,if you havent heard of her then go suck...ermm...a..ermm lollilop.THATS IT. a lollipop. She's actually one of my favorite comedians.
This is how her jokes and malarky work, she creates fictional over-the-top characters and TAH DAH! its funny. hahah. YES. My favorite make believe charcater of hers is litle loca, the crazy rude gyal hispanic who cares about bandanans the CHOLA LOLAS(whatever that mean) but yes. SHE'S FUNNY.OK?.....

Anna Selezneva by Camilla Akrans

jsjhjkskdfjlfjkfjkfjkfjkfjfkjfkjfkjfkf???? HELLO.

im currently at my mates house, adele and aluna(TWINS) and finding it hard to even write one word without being poked by someone.Aluna has decided to make chilli con carne for all of us and RIGHT NOW: adele and alex are dancing to lady gaga's telephone which is ermm rather jokes, in a supresssing kind of way. Sooo i's gotta go(to join in with this bad-teen-tribute-gaga-dancing-routine) but have a great day. TODDLES AMIGAS!

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