here's the scenerio ultra cool designer daniella A Scott-Haughton(founder of the cut&swallow clothing line) asks for ure unwanted clothes,junk and possible food..and turns them into a beautiful swan of amazing awesome clothes and sells them for a well cheap price..thens she's hooks up with photographer from brighton sam bayliss ibram for a photshoot with gorgeous models and voila..she's got a vintage online boutique store.

to get see more of the shoot go on :

or find out more about the designer:

anyways i gotta dash..i have a maths exam 2moro :]


I admired spongebob pure optismism.

You see id never been much of a fan the show spongebob squarepants partially i find it wayy 2 cliche(and yehh i do understand the shows target age is under 7 soo it should be cliche)
but anywayy i watch it the other day and suddenly i turned a leaf. i realised that if only more people were like spongebob ;the world would be a better place..
Eventhough the Squidward Tentacles detests him and his habits...he still remains as annoying & happy as possible

anyway my point is to remain optismistic even though people might put you down and try to look on the bright side especially in these times of recession/credit crunch and watsnots