headcrunkingbears by maggie bow

as usual. great illustrations from margot bowman .


part of a shoot that matt did for french vogue. Sick!


(imagesource-dazed digital)
missoni ss11 was pretty amazing. from the shaped doppy hats to the neon colours. i love how they stuck to their traditional knitwear but still staying on trend with patterns colours. The collection was filled with western and tribal influences. Overall, kudos M I S S O N I

Oh,crosby crosby

HELLOO!!!! howdy ho? crosby aka cromopolitan is one of my favorite up and coming mcs. His the youngest clockmaker(privatejoke) hahaahahhaaha [awkward silence] but yes. his dope and watch out for him!

for the love of God, STOP JERKING!!!

like a year ago, i could tolerate the good old americans 'jerking' but now its just getting riduculous.
Ps: jerking is a form of dance.
the rule of jerking is you must have skinny jeans or rap about skinny jeans. etc.
P.s.s: this video is a jerk classic

disclaimer:i actually love jerking and this post has been really and truly pointless. im just jeolous at most people's ability to jerk soo perfectly.

going back to year 7 days.

alright lovelies, basically im getting my hair done..RIGHT NOW and its soo long. im doing braids. brandy style(pictured below). the last time, i got them done were..ermm years!

also to cure my boredom ive been listening to alot of brandy,monica and destiny child. Great!

soooooooooo fgjdkjjgkj NEW BLOGNAME? skeen

I know you guys are thinking whoaaa? new name? yes! i got bored. im really impulsive. even this blog is beginnning to bore me. PARR! i might change the layout or just move into trailer park in arkansas. hmmmmm but yerrr. [awkward silence]

carrozo makes me smile

Club NME London +Guestlist Passes :THEM:YOUTH

im always excited for the next big band...and i think ive find them. they go with the name of 'them:youth' .They have that very meechy unique sound. very atmospheric.also this is probably one of my favourite songs from them

PS: they are doing gigs in london!!! and ive got tw0 guestlist passses! if you want them leave a commment here and i'll do a little raffle thingy bob and you can seee 'em!

Battlefront meets EXAMPLE!


So basically, this is an online TV show( channel 4 project) which follows some 14-21year olds with big campaigns ideas, the different issues range from knife crime to just getting peeps in London to smile more. It’s actually amazing. The loveliest thing is you..yes.....YOU..can start your own very own campaign. for example start a animal only music festival by signing up here


i cant stop laughing. When i first heard about will smith's daughter(willow is her name btw) being signed to an actual label. i chuuckled. soo like 5 mins ago i decided to listen to this song. hahahahhahahahahahha its actually..kinda..catchy. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahk!!!! WHY? 'i wear my hair back and forth' has been in my head now. frick! the level of autotune is amazing! hahahahahahhahahahaha i need to stop laughing!

It's been a year?? SICK!!!



Soo today was supposed to be an alright day but no no no my teachers just gave us sooooooo much coursework(well just two) already with some deadlines in two weeks. PAR! my brain is not reallly meeching right now and all i want to do is drink tea and watch yo gabba gabba *signs*

lfw! a few minutes before the ashish show

rules of first fashion week: always be nice to the doorlady. always have the statement heels(if your a guy..always have a shoe atleast).always eat chicken and chips before any show. never be late. and stay away from creepy papparazzi dudes. but in other news!!! have fun!!!!

(peeps in the photos,roxy,me,samuel, jamie sparkles,solo and michelle(aka miggy)

tune of the day!

backstage at the lida o'reilly show

Safe for the invite,natalie x

Meadham Kirchhoff show

by cameron smith

'nick clegg is a badman" - amie aka theladybyron

ok, basically this is my mate amie. I tried out my new camera on her.. she's kinda photogenic. she's amazing and funny and very very cynical but i love her and her sister too(fea is her name)
oh snaps, she has a blog which is pretty jokes. check it out!

texas '10.

It was my cousins birthday and he turned four. he also insisted on wearing a buzzlighting costume. LEGEND!

why soo good? WHY?

i find it incapable to find one..atleast one bad song from kings of leon. eventhough that 'sex on fire' tune was very commercial but this new song is amazing. it reminds me of the long-hair-rugged-old-skool-2006-kings-of-leon. also the video is pretty good aswell. *wipes a tear*

finally. its janelle monae's video ffor cold war was soo simplistic yet beautiful. soo many underlying messages behind this song. Kudos amigas!


Whose faragraphy?????

(photo stolen off ...facebook)
amazing photographer and my brethren

Ps:His the lover of amber alexander aswell

P.s.s check some of his work here

on the looop. everyday. everyday.


for a long time ive tried and believe me ive 'TRIED' to get into your songs . i wont lie, the first "wake-up-in-the-morning-feeling-like-piddy" tune wasnt bad. but serioussssly your new know the one where you get covered in gliter and paint in the end is just EMBARRASSING! its probably one of the worst videos directed..ever! C'MON! *lol bursts into tears*
I think my neighbour's cat died after after watching. no joke.

Best wishes,
Cold Hard Truth Association

Oh, Dear Ke$ha,
STOP ACTING LIKE A TRAMP(it's getting boring now). i know your from the orange county, sooo its cool.
but in the time being why dont you climb into a wheelie till further notice? Safe.

All the best,
Cold Hard Truth Association.

Oh, adore!

Cos is probably one of my favorite brands....just because of the puuurrfect structured tailoring of their clothes. Not to mention the use of subtle colour paletes and the prices aint that bad.


soo for the 5th anniversary of wonderland magazine,photographer ben weller decides to shoot pure lengness, zack efron...and *coughs* katie price. ermm *awkward silence* the spread actually tuned out rather good. *pats him on the back*


Ive had this song in my head for like weeks and im just happy that katy b is getting the recognition she deserves. and whatchanow? a dubstep tune being played to the masses of the radio 1 listeners. Nice!

Q-tip is my very own remedy.

i was just being all emo about being jobless and just annoyed in general, then this song popped up in my head and NOW...all is good. YAY!im back to my happy state. bliss!


alrite tissueheads,
basically i think 'everything everything' is my top 10 amazing bands...ranking in number 4. WOW. im impressed for them. *offers them an award of some sort* also shout to the crewdem for winning the mercury awards. NUFF LOVE TO SOUTH LDN! also my neighbour just got back from majorca or somewhere of that sort and she was remarkable sunburnt. like i mean BURNT!i was like "whoaaaaaaa. How can you still be alive? Shouldnt you be clinically...ermm.dead?" hahah but moving on. ive come to the conclusion that my leather jacket is a peng-indie-guy-magnet. GOOO ME!

Can i just say aswell the vogue's fashion night out thingy bob yesterday was great. ended up at the mulberry parrty. Free drinks and ting. Nice!

Did anyone watch that derren brown show? is a GENIUS!

in other news, i think rainbow george should be a MP or some sort, im sure cornelia would agree. she'd probably want him to be the prime minister. but the chances of that happening are ..ermm.. SLIM!

also, i need to stop laughing about the man who mistook his wife for a hat. ahhahahahahahahahahahaha #sadtimes

'the outsiders'

"The Outsiders" by Sharif Hamza (Dazed and Confused) from SWELL on Vimeo.

lovely fashion video directed by sharif hamza inspired by skins and the breakfast club


Alreetey par'ners?

hi lovelies,sorrries for not posting in like weeks or sooo. ive beeen sooo i havent had the time to even drink tea since i arrived back from texas. imagine the horror. but on a brighter note for the past few months ive been indulging to the wonderful sounds of the three piece band called "everything everyting". I just think they are amazing. the indie rock/dance genre has been revived with their post-apocalyptic vibes.

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