A while back. last year to be precise.
Order in appearance: nizzzy, rivah and larry.

Urmm soo this is a picture of my hand from about a year ago. Not soo insightful from the fact my hands still look like a naija grandmas which is pretty much awesome. YAAAY. my life... but i just had iced tea for the first time ever and im like soo excited. ITS SOOO NICE. WHY HAVEN'T I EVER TRIED IT BEFORE?? and the one im having is strawberyy..yummmmmmy and in the words of larry..'YES PLEASE' ... *jizz*
Its my day off from college and im just casssjjjually watching episodes of jeremy kyle that i skyplus-d like i have NO WORK TO DO. *nods head*...and to make matters more meechy. I HAVE NOT BATHED because im cool like that..yeah say something blud?? huh?? silllly.

Well, i did a to do this, which i feel it'll be nice to share with you guys, sooo if im falling on track. you can be like 'funmi, remember on your blog, you said you want to be a pirate blah di blah'...that kinda shizzz. soo here it is.

  • To finish all college work (at a exceptional standard) before the deadline which is 31st of may.
  • To shoot more beardy boys.
  • To sort out my hair.
  • Learn Hieroglyphics
  • Get the t + j trailer shot asap.
  • Follow my quest to be a pirate.
  • Write more poems shizzzzz.
  • Get a ukulele.
  • Exercise more.
+ plus others which i'll just keep to myself. LOLZ.

Aylesbury film i shot featuring stacy from

through the lens.

with my beautie jada-simone...
check out her blog:


Jay, 23.
He has been skating for seven years. His inspired hippie mums/festivals/north london and all things adrenaline-y based.
Billy, 17
He has the obsessive love for dancehall and anything reggae base. He used to skate when he was little then got out of it. Then two years ago he missed the adrenaline rush and shizzzz and since then his been coming down at stockwell skate park mainly because its much 'lively' than most skate places.
Tunde, 19.
She has been skating for about a year and pretty much feels that stockwell skate park has a sense of community.