i think rolphol should be a new soap.Dear Danny dyers, STOP DOING SHOWS HOW YOU BELIVE IN UFOS!!! i dont care. just be quiet. okay? safe *supreses* i joke, i love you really.
i dont understand how someone can do a degree in CALIGRAPHY?? 3 YEARS??? why? also if an orange is called an ornage, why cant a banana be called yellow? DOUBLE STANDARDS!
im reallly excitedlymeechy about my new photog project and my amazing muse. ALSO////me and sam are also making a short film. *excited face*
Am i the only person in the world that questioning master shortie's career?
in other news, ukip boy is STILL not talking to us because we callled him a bowcatt. WOW! im sorrry. *does puppy dog face* forgive me, no? WATEVZ!
BREAKING NEWS(5 hrs ago later): lilwayne has been moved to a solitary prison placey wacy...for...wait for it.... *takes deep breath* having a charger and headphones. WELL..i dont know what to say... but #freeweezy even though he was caught possession of a gun.

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