hello, morning, good afternoon, EVENING! i was watching the mobos award show thingy bob yesterday and i actually realised the problem with the whole uk urban scene. everyone is making 'ringtone songs' NOT songs that we still be listening 10 years. For example d'angelo voodoo album is a fantastic piece of work. one can listen to it a million times. Even kings of leon back catalogue you can listen to it a thousand times. *sighs* Soo basically im on a mission to change the industry. well, im going to start....singing.

hahahhahahahaahhahasbasbdjbsdhdhhdhdhdhdhhdhdhdhdhdh obviously thats funny. me? singing? yeah but if i listen to one more tune by roll deep when i know they better than that...and dont get me starting with...n dubz.
The thing is im not even a musician and i dont want to be a pop star. im just giving myself this 'music task' solely on the fact i want to see a change. if you get want i mean? NO.
well be expecting videos and all the malarky of me .....singing/performing(busking) *holds in laughter*

keep your eyes peels!!

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