ponderwonder(08)- the beautiful and wonderful world of cashgifting

Sooo over the past months, ive been  interested.. well the word 'lured' comes to mind but nevertheless whilst i was in america, i realise there's a thing called 'cash gifting' which is obviously milking in the desperation of people during this economic climate..

Basically, this is how it works
Complete strangers over youtube ask you for money is whatever 'cool' way deemed.
then the 'strangers' who view the short video which is usually 5 minutes to 20 minutes go 'HEYYY, I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE THIS PERSON, MY MONEY'
yup, thats its really. *COUGHS* scamALERTscamALERTscamALERTscamALERT!!!
AM I THE ONLY PERSON QUESTIONING THE LEGALITY OF THIS? hmm i rather have tea, thank you very much.

In order words, your a beggar with internet connection...and a webcam!!!!

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