'A lot of people fake it to make it, don’t be one of those people, they really grind my gears' -Hannah balogun

Hello lovelies, basically hannah(one on the left) is hilarious and one of the nicest friends i have. We discussed her love for arab guys, bassso & brooke and the best (and worst )thingsof growing up in UK.

f.wittle: Alright, for the most vital question ever, *drumroll* favorite colour?
h.balogun:My favourite colour is any colour on a my little pony toy they are so amazingggg if my hair wasn’t chemically straightend hair I would totally have rainbow hair more meadham kharchaf than yardy of course

f.wittle:hahahah whats the best food, ever? as you know for me its plantain
h.balogun:The best food is fried fish mannnn, naija style with pepper and onions 805 is really the place to go for that

f.wittle:Why are you slightly obssessed with arab guys?

h.balogun:I dont know, WHY AM I OBSESSED WITH ARAB GUYS?

f.wittle:is it the money?

h.balogun:Its not…

ok. yes it is.

Alright im lying it is lol

f.wittle: Well, im guessing you have a job right? HA!
h.balogun:Im jobless lol I aint got no saalaaary betccch

f.wittle: Wait a minute.i heard you work for talented designers basso and brooke
 h.balogun:Oh Yeah, I DO … they are AMAZING guys. I have been working with them for about 6-7 seasons now and they are like family to me.I assistant and co ordinate things in the run up for fashion week its a lot of stress but its definatly worth It when you see the images on
f.wittle: Awww well, whats your favourite life quote?

h.balogun:In life, you gotta learn to get on to the next chapter. If not, you're just gonna be stuck on the same old page.

f.wittle: Thats soo true but growing up in 'modern britain' whats the pars aand benefits?
h.balogun:Omg how can I put this in a nutshell growing up on an estate man… they was never a dull moment ever growin up used to jam outside mcdonalds in lewisham begging it with the mandem

Also the best thing about living in modern britian is the fashion and whole creative movement.It's so raw and INSPIRING.

And the worst thing for me is the social scene. That is all. *laughs*

f.wittle: Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone hoping to delve into the fashion biz?

h.balogun:The best advice is to follow your heart in terms of what you wana do if you think you don’t wana go uni and do internships DO IT!.
Not everyone needs a degree to be creative your born with it
A lot of people fake it to make it, don’t be one of those people, they really grind my gears.

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