to be cont'd

This was our chance,a chance of pursuit of happiness.Did i ever change anything? I don’t know,well i guess i did,. I didn’t want a change you know.I just wanted to remain in this shell. The shell that made this moment.A moment of silence. the lost youth…my lost youth.One .two.three.this is what i’ve known.the beauty of lives.wildhearts.wildhearts…even young hearts.I think i’ve actually found this pursuit of..happiness? We just don’t know about anything. just the absence. I dont even know where im going but im loving every second of it.smiles. i cant stop smiling.things i would just your eyes…your eyes.snaps. impulsiveness.Ive started to be decisive now. watching.just watching everyone use this space. the very space that made us.

-- by me, still writing more and more stuff..hopefully..i could make it into a short movie. just hopefully.

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