Yo amigas, i quickly caught up with superly dope waffles girl/my homie simone battle.
Urmmm basically, she's had exams which has been a P A R but alls good as she currently BALLLINNN'. smh. H A T E
Simone.b:My influences are Beyonce. She's an amazing performer. Gwen Stefani- dope style and unique voice. And Cyndi Lauper- funky/quirky attitude

Me:your style in general?
Simone.b:My style changes all the time. One day I'm a "Fly-Girl" from the 90's, the next day I'm a futuristic pirate haha ;P I just love to mix it up!
Me:how did you get involved with the whole waffles girls crew,haha?
Simone.b:I met the waffles on myspace. They reached out to me and I LOVED their vibe, so I sent in an audition tape and soon became part of the crew ;P

Me:How would you describe your sound?
Simone.b:My music is fun, sassy, and energetic. I call it hip-pop.

Me:plans for the future?
Simone.b:My plans for the future include taking over the world (evil laugh) No, I just want my music to reach a lot of people. I want to perform all over the world, and do what I love every day.

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