Tamarind spring menu press thingy bob.

The other day me and hannah went to the tamarind restaurant presss thing to try out their new spring menu. sooo i know ALOT about food. considering i called lensils ..beans and there was an awkward silence on the table. apart for that it was lovely,we were wined and dines with tons orf lovely food to the point of me not eating till the next day. #fact.. Here was my favourites

tamarind chutney. sesame coated cake. with a chardonnay blend wine.

this last dessert was the warm carrot with ginger, pudding with carmekl sauce

Ok there was prettty loads of dazzling pictures but yerr. enough is enough. lolz!
My favourite wine was the infamous goose and the marlot blend.Suberb.
I would like to say thanks to all the staff and the ceo of tamarind restaturant for making all of us feel at home.
LOVE YOU!..not really..i do


Tamarind restaurant
20 Queen Street, Mayfair,
London W1J 5PR

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