Probably the most random day i was having last thuirsday.when me and hannah at kings cross station i was like .. *pause* I swear thats the guy from primal scream..
Bobby Gillespie to be precise. hannah nagged me to ask if it was him.

(excuse my face..i loooked meechy and yup primal scream guy looked bad meechy too but he was actually in a good mood but seems EXTREMELY HIGH..which you'll realise in the our mini conversation)
sooo here was how i our convo went
me: hey..ermm are you..the ..primal..?
him:yeahh mann.
me: ohh frick i knew it..well kinda..isaw ure song on tv this morning aswell
him: hahah really?
me:yup..nme to be precise *grins*
him: ahhhh *wlaks around the station* do you know if its hot outside?
me:ermm probably..*whilst looking outside* yes. its hot..
him: ahhh stupid jacket(he had a jacket)
*ten minutes*
him: im really not sure if its hot..
me:it must be hot..
him: hmm
me: i have loads of coursework anyway..soo i cant really enjot this weather
him: well what can i say? its hot *in his stronggggest scottish accent*

ohh thats enough...Ohh yehh hannah fell infront of him with her pink ipod. CLASSIC!

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