HELLLLLLOOO AMIGAS,the other day i was the maaike meeking LFW presentation show at the pop up space at 20 beak street, its pretty cool, DIFFERENT but i must say i rather enjoyed it minus the MISERABLE LOOK ON MY FACE,i was just really drained thats all from college.//TRUE STORIES

ohh dont forget the free drinks aswell.hahha but yehh. the collection was pretty simplistic,elegant and ...WEARABLE. I loved the hand stenciled porints and xi detailing aswell. The show was basically a short film/live installation entitled : WITCH
SHIP in which the model wore the collection LIVE for us to view, pretty awesome huh.anywaysss,judge for urselfssssssssssss.
ps:apologize for the scrawny teeny images, I BLAME BLOGGER!hhaha

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