Love reflects one another.

To be single is probably underrated, because we are consistently battered by friends, the media, banners on street , magazines, that to be in a relationship is great , is the ideal,. But.hmm.ive always been a champion for "all the single ladies"(in the words of beyonce) but i dont know. i feel like everytime i let my guard down and allow myself to actually like someone, it just turns out blah! like i feel like this is lkarrma for the certain stuff that happened over a year ago. well MEH! well ive decided NOT to fall for guys who say "i like you" blahdidblah, ohh snaps! obviiously i wont bvecome some coldhearted beyatchhhh but hmm, this rant is actually pointless because im actually trying to type up my marketin work whilst three of my classmates are like luring over me, trying to figure out what all this malarky is about. But this video clip below is actually beautiful, its makes me feel in love, which im not, well the word "LOVE" ive always found it reeeally hard to say ..i just feel that sying you love someone is a sign of weakness. I KNOW. im silly(but its what i feel). its just that when i DO usually feel like im falling for someone, i tend to ruin it, its just me. ahhhh i need to change this,well surely i wont go around saying i love you to every guy im with and shizzle, but ill be ermm..caring, i dont know.MEH!As much as i love the idea of a relationship, im such a commitment phobe, its ridiculous and YES, i m a walking contadiction, most of the time(ive probably just proven this alot in this very post) well song is by ida maria called keep me warm.great song!!!

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