YES SIR IDOL is a G(well kinda)"once you go Mac you don't go back"

Soo i caught up with all round cool guy dj who goes by the name "yes sir idol" we discussed "come dine with me"  and other stuff kinda relating to music 

= Alright david aka YES SIR IDOL,hows its going?
yes sir idol: Hello, it is going awesome thank you for asking.
=im actually hungry can you cook?? all i can make is spaghetti and plantain
 I've just eaten some tuna and roasted vegetable fish cakes so I'm all good right now. I like to think I can cook a mean roast...which basically involves me roasting everything in one big baking tray.
=:Who would be ur ideal contestants on "come dine with me"?
 I'm not going to lie, I've thought about this many times (who hasn't). I'd have Ricky Gervais for the humour, Justin Timberlake for the entertainment, Dwayne'The Rock'Johnson for the People's Eyebrow and Rihanna for just being Rihanna.
=:So yeah? how did you get into mixing,djing and all the malarky? and how the name "yes sir idol" came about?
I started DJing when I was 11 (back in the day of vinyl's) my brother used to DJ too and taught me all I know. These days I focus mainly on the production side of things because that's where I feel most at home. The name, well that started out as just Idol but I changed it to Yes Sir Idol after hearing Pharrell (constantly) use the phrase "yessir" and thought I was being pretty clever at the's just stuck ever since.
=Have you always wanted to make music?for example when i was six i wanted to be a butterfly.
:I've always wanted music in my life I know that much for sure, I turned my hand to production and it gave me a crazy feeling that you can't explain, maybe like turning from a caterpillar to a butterfly!?
=Ive been kinda (stalking) reading ure blog and i's love it.What bands/musicians do you predict big things for in 2010?
: Haha well I'm honoured that you kinda stalk me. As far as 2010 goes there are two stand out acts for me - one being Tinashé ( without question he is the most talented artist I've come across in a very long time. If you ever get a chance to see him live then you can't pass it by, him and his drummer are on another level. Secondly Marvellous Macc Mello (, he's been bubbling under for a while now and I think/hope this year he will break through and add something completely different and fresh to the world of Hip-Hop.

:Finally what does "yes sir idol" have in the pipeline for the new year?
= This year I'm just going to keep working on furthering my sound and working with new artists - I have so much going on in the background and can't wait to just throw it out there and see what people think.
Yes Sir Idol - Can the Freedom (Promo Video) from Yes Sir Idol on Vimeo.

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