i want some chicken...mmmm ohh yehh daisy lowe & chani ra have nice hair.

i actually cried when i watched this episode;the thing scrubs is known for being that silly comedy series.that u either like or not but i loved this episode..especially us as the audience dr cox vulnerablity ..awwwwwwww

Moving on a different note.I really like daisy lowe as a model before she went all-it-girl-i-only-do-agent provateur-like-shoots-forever-and-ever

and ohh yehhh. i just remembered i have this mate who is like some tall- drunken- annoyying -lil sista.she speaks like omgg really really fast n stuff(and she cant type) and she's loves some guy called sean risley but anywhooo
she has a really cool blog. u have to read.its basically just random fashion spreads .whats she loves n shit
Ooo Did i say her name is CHANI RA!!

and in the words of her " ONE DAY ULL SEE MY NAME EVRYWHERE" hahha

find out about this lil munchking at :

peace xx

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