horsing around

ohh yehhh i just remembered i was sent a award from one of my favorite fashion bloggers @ which came with some questions n stuff
soooo answers had to be one word only.

- Where is your cell phone: kitchen(?)
- Your hair: black
- Your mother: friendly
- Your father: Tall
- Favorite food: chinese
- Dream last night: mystical
- Favorite drink: 7-up
- Goal/Dream: Degree
- What room are you in: lounge
- Hobby: Living
- Fear: unhappiness
- Where you want to be in 6 years: Happy
- Where were you last night: bed
- Something that you aren't: Rude
- Muffins: chocolate
- Wish list item: Him
- Where did you grow up: London
- Last thing you did: fell
- What are you wearing: bra
- Your tv: Scrubs
- Your pets: R.I.P
- Friends: cool
- Your life: exciting
- Your mood: lost
- Missing someone: Adma
- Vehicle: waaa?
- Something you're NOT wearing: shoes
- Favorite store: Ralph
- Favorite color: blue
- Last time you laughed: Now
- Last time you cried: July
- Your best friend: Everyone
- Place you go to over & over: nottinghill
- Person who emails you regularly: blaise
- Favorite place to eat: Nandos

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