Award for the best video/song...goes to..

Certified Merkerz - Stand For Our Name
Shamz just posted this song on twitter and i couldnt stop laughing..ive actually never seen a song this bad.Ok. I wouldnt call myself a grime head or i listen to skepta everyday but jheezzzzzzz.they kinda remind me of the tweenies, thats if the tweenies could rap badly and shop at mckenzie..hah
You know as im writing this post im actually listening to it on a loop..its actually not bad
the little kid that spits in the end..its well cute ..i wanna adopt him but dont get it twisted dnt do a "david cameron" and "hug a hoody" you will get punch.
FACT. yes the little kid will beat u up...dnt u get it:Certified Merkerz are the new blazin squad


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