Dj Yasmin : "Dont Chase The Money"

Yasmin shahmir is also known as *drum rolls* dj yasmin is supersuper awesome and scottish  but yeah she's a hip hop dj whose actually about to go on tour with eve. We talked about her musical taste,the london scene and her new club night.

You known as dj yasmin; how do u get into djing?
I've been djing for nearly 4 years, I've always enjoyed and collected music and always dug a little deeper than the average music fan. A friend of mine was a dj, I used to go along and watch him play, thought it looked easy I tried mixing a few times and when I got the hand of it he would let me play while he went for a loo break. Then I was allowed to do the warm up in the back room and from there it grew.

Soo what genre of music do you tend to delve in the most?
Definitely Hip Hop, Hip Hop came first, then R&B then Reggae, then Garage, Grime, B-More and now a bit of Dubstep when I can handle it. I'm a sucker for raps, lyrics and melodies, so I can't really listen to or play just pure beats or minimal vocal tracks like house/electro etc. Not my thing.

Do u think your style is influenced my ure music or its the other way round?
Well...My style is probably influenced by the 'I don't give a fuck' attitude you get from Hip Hop, but I wear what I like, sometimes I dress up, sometimes I dress down, heels, kicks, whatever I feel like.

What do you think of the london scene...apart from the occasionally divas?
I think it's a very vibrant scene, there's a lot of people making moves in all kinds of things from music to charity work to fashion to business and people are really doing well for themselves. The thing I hate though is that in London everyone has a negative opinion unless its you or your people doing well. People need to learnt to appreciate more. But hey, there's haters everywhere!

Spill the beans on your new clubnight?
Okk! So it starts on November the 1st and it's called "Bad Intentions" it's upstairs in a bar/pub called:
The Black Heart
3 Greenland Place,

It's going to be every Sunday night, it is FREEEEEEEEE! Starts at 7pm - 12pm, Old School Hip Hop Classics, Jams, House Party kind of vibes all round.
It's free and its not too late for you to get to work/uni the next day, it's right next to the tube station so really, nobody has an excuse not to come!

Whats your advice for aspiring dj's?
Play music that you love.
Don't chase the money, instead, chase the buzz you get from making a crowd go crazy, it's one of the best feelings in the world!

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