OKAY: soo the photo(below) was part something i shot for designer nicole bramble and i actually posted the picture on my blog ages ago THEN i deleted it like some any next wasteman.Then a friend of mine was like 'whyyyyyy would you do that?",my response was something on the line of me thinking the photo was crap n ting. BLEUUUUUURGHHHHH. I reeeealllly dont like any 'commercial' stuff i shoot(i.e those ones that pay my haribos billls). Hmm but i dont know. I could only get better,right??

**stops self from going to in a tangent and changes topic**
 -In other news, In case you dont know. I HAVE AN ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY, which means ive been watching a marrrrathon of basketball wives(an american reality show about basketball wives + girlfriends)for three days in a row. Like, i serrrrriuuosly neeed watch something more insightful like QI or............something.

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