Every now and again.
I would catch a glimpse of sophia with her hair neatly in tact
I have never seen someone look soo perfect.
urgh. (i hate her)
the smell of what seems to be lemon pancakes feeds its way through my window and -
makes me somehow sick.
I wont complain,though.
I dont.
I never do.

There was some tale that some bruh told me about sophia.
That she killed a cat (a really cute one aswell)
-Like those ones you see in commercials and you wanna adopt.
Deep huh?

She burnt the cat
and kept the ashes

                                                                                                                      (how do i know?)
                                                                                                                      ( cuz someone told me, init)
She didnt even destroy the evidence,

                                                                                                                      (she's my neighbour, you see)
         (and every tuesday, the scent of her burnt lemon pancakes feeds its way though my window)

And once again,
I wont complain, though
I dont.
I never do.

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