soo im currently drinking cold tea for some odd reason and im half heartedly watching this movie called 'Duplicity' by julia roberts and Clive Owen.
However, I sort of forgot to mention you meeches that im fucking off to wales for uni for like urmm three years. AWESOME UH? one word: CLEARING.
but i am studying the 'best course everz' anthropology(aparently its a hipster degree, YAAAAAAYYY!) sooo basically im practically gettting a degree to become a more sarcastic and smug-ey wit. GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!! **skips around frantically**
Plus,i got a letter the other day saying im sharing a room with someone. WHUUUUUT? AN ACTUAL PERSON? why?
(note to readers: funmi is an only child and is not reaaaaaally used to sharing a room with pplz n ting)
Okay, soo what if my room mate is a psycho?..............or smelll of cheeese? I WOULD ACTUALLY CRY. Sooo, like five minutes ago i came up with a list of the ideal room mate, Here it is:
  1. Must  be willingly to do watermelon wednesdays with me(..this involves eating watermelons every wednesday ever WEDNESDAYS FOREVER AND EVERZZ)
  2. Be UBERLY COOL(what does that even mean? pfft) and funny.
  3. A fan of justin bieber.
  4. Must be sane in THE HEAD.
  5. Oh did i say funny?
  6. ............and just normal, you know.
Urmm that list was kinda vague and sucke-ey but you get what i mean, doe? NO? urgghhh. bleurghhhhh

**swiflty changes topic and tries to think of something insightful to say**

SOO WHOSE BEEN WATCHING BIG BROTHER? i know. im sorry for even asking that question. Yes, it's the worstiest(?)show in human history but IM HIGHLY addicted to it. F A Y U L of my half. Apolises again.

But seriously, rebeckah(bb housemate) is a wittttttttttch or juju masteeeer. Like the way she keeps luring aden(another bb housemate) with her puss(vagina) is just OUTSTANDING and the pooor boy is just moooooooooooooooooooist and SHE KEEPS FLIRRTING WITH MARK(another another bb housemate) IN FRONT OF ADEN. HOW RUDE? SMH SMH.

But on a different note, Next tuesday my photo is going to be exhibited at the 'Underground gallery' for some group exhibition im taking part in and there's gonna be a private view. OH LA LA. It's weird because personally i think it might involve me talking ONE PHOTO. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. I CANT TALK PROPERLY IN PUBLIC. i think writing on the internetzzz is easy, init?

P E A K.

(ps:ive been reading alot of carol ann duffy's poems recently. OH MY GOD. SHE IS ME. WE ARE LIKE TWIIIINZZZ)

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