T + J scene 3.

He doesn’t understand anything, and I couldn’t begin to explain. I finish my biscuit, well …rushed it .

‘Where are you off to?’



‘Nowhere’’ *shrugs*

‘Not to the sheds?


Actually, that was a lie. I’m pretty sure it was obvious I was lying. YES? DAMN!

The thing really not allowed to go the ‘sheds’ because of what happened. It’s rather un-tantalising that i refuse to go into to. NO, i wont even tell you a little bit of the story, but yes, im going there now. just to see.

'F L E E T I N G' i say in a rather-annoying-little-girl-voice.

Everyone’s at home watching ‘im a celebrity’ or something as equally mundane. Soo i’ll be back, im just walking back summertown lane…(well, that’s what i told them).

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