Babez, you probably lurveeee him.

Its pretty jokes, how girls get in denial when they blatantly lurvvvvvvvve a guy and start acting really casssj (casually) about it.

The following points below are (some-of-the) clues that you are most definitely in love likeness with a certain fella.

• You read his texts over and over again…even if the text just says ‘whatcha up 2?’

• Whilst facebook stalking him to your friends you’re like ‘I swear he looks better in person’…..which is just totez obvious that you lurvvvvvvvve him. (loseerrrrr)

• When he says ‘hi’ to you….that does equals your brain as ‘will you marry me?’ Don’t deny it…I’m right…you think about the white long dresses and bouquets

• You find yourself talking about him….alot like ‘omg, jack is soo coool…oh his djs at old blue and oh he bought me a crisp yesterday at 5pm, etc.’…..and yes, you do try and  act casssj about it but  YES, your friends find this constant obsession annoying.

• Do you find yourself saving photos of him onto an album entitled ‘future hubby’…or (<3)? If yes….you’s in love (or lust).

• You always try and get him pissed-out drunk soo you can finally make your move on him…..NO? errrm…..okay.

Ps: if you do tick all of the points…just propose to the guy and see what happened. *holds in laughter* DO. IT.

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