ponderwonder(10)Audley harrisson, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

I think im probably one of the only people that didnt get a chance to watch the audley vs david haye match because it was soo fucking quick. like i went to the shop to do my oyster card and by the time i got home it was OVER. like c'mon.

Harisson, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? i know you had this idea of a lovely comeback imagery kinda like the take that one on xfactor but NOOOOOOOOOOO Mr haye is a young rather leng beast and you were deeemed for failure from the get go.

Its actually weird. the match was soo dmflmjdnncbnmnxfmjksdn, people including me are begining to think it was a fixed. well duh! YOU CANT BE THAT MEECHY? can you? ok, you can.

In addition, David HAYE dont tell your mates to put a bet on you on a CERTAIN round saying 'YEAHH,BLUD, I'LL KNOCK HIM OUT IN ROUND SO AND SO' as it does come across very...fix-ey.

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