Alright guys.
  • basically im in love again.
  • just had my 3rd tea in a row.
  • im depressed because of wagner's departure from xfacotr. R.I.P
  • I want wagner to sing at my wedding.
  • Don't you think its weird katie weasel kinda looks like a squirrel?
  • Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind is still my favourite movies ever.
  • I once pretended to jack penate that ive never listened to his music 1million times.
  • Danny dyers deadliest men show is probably the best thing ever..Did you watch that episode on the underground gangster whose also an east end boxer..named dominic-something? NO? fine.
  • The photo above is totally unrelated to this post but the guy kinda looks like that the guy im in love with soo yeah.
  • Im happy because i have money soo im getting photos developed and will be shooting soon!!!
  • also the photo of the guy above looks like he saying 'HEYY, PABLO,WHATS POPPIN?? *in a preferably italian accent*
  • Oh, currently verging to my 4th tea. I NEED HELP!!

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