alrite tissueheads,
basically i think 'everything everything' is my top 10 amazing bands...ranking in number 4. WOW. im impressed for them. *offers them an award of some sort* also shout to the crewdem for winning the mercury awards. NUFF LOVE TO SOUTH LDN! also my neighbour just got back from majorca or somewhere of that sort and she was remarkable sunburnt. like i mean BURNT!i was like "whoaaaaaaa. How can you still be alive? Shouldnt you be clinically...ermm.dead?" hahah but moving on. ive come to the conclusion that my leather jacket is a peng-indie-guy-magnet. GOOO ME!

Can i just say aswell the vogue's fashion night out thingy bob yesterday was great. ended up at the mulberry parrty. Free drinks and ting. Nice!

Did anyone watch that derren brown show? is a GENIUS!

in other news, i think rainbow george should be a MP or some sort, im sure cornelia would agree. she'd probably want him to be the prime minister. but the chances of that happening are ..ermm.. SLIM!

also, i need to stop laughing about the man who mistook his wife for a hat. ahhahahahahahahahahahaha #sadtimes

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