for a long time ive tried and believe me ive 'TRIED' to get into your songs . i wont lie, the first "wake-up-in-the-morning-feeling-like-piddy" tune wasnt bad. but serioussssly your new know the one where you get covered in gliter and paint in the end is just EMBARRASSING! its probably one of the worst videos directed..ever! C'MON! *lol bursts into tears*
I think my neighbour's cat died after after watching. no joke.

Best wishes,
Cold Hard Truth Association

Oh, Dear Ke$ha,
STOP ACTING LIKE A TRAMP(it's getting boring now). i know your from the orange county, sooo its cool.
but in the time being why dont you climb into a wheelie till further notice? Safe.

All the best,
Cold Hard Truth Association.

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