WHOSE THAT??? oh snaps! its me...ermm ok.

Am i the only person to agree on this pic that my eyes looks very very oriental?

Yup, im blackanese. im glad you've finally figured that out. my mums part chinese and my dads nigeria. snaps a roo! how did that work(lies).but im not sure if ive mentioned but i write for this blog called WANG...short for we are not gully(cant remember why), its basically me and 5 other mates just rambling about anything really,attempting to be funny but also intelligent. EPIC FAIL! haha i joke but the blog's pretty cool(Well someone said it was)..they were probably just lying to make me happy.ahhh.but have a peep though. Also ive just had 3 teas in the past 2 hours and im feeling both sick and dizzzy. Drinking tea excessively like me is not good. Just dont do it guys. *continues jumping on the bed* but yes. Take care.Stay safe x

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