Are you an artist under 35? YES. then read along.

We are know the art industry is a pretty hard shizzle to get a move on and the fact that everyone wants to be a deigner,artist,photographer is not exactly helping. i have the fear of seeing loads of homeless former art students on the streets on shoreditch seeing...ermm pencils or something of that sort.
Oh yeah before i rambled off, dazed/coverse awards 2010 is opened now and its "open to all artists under the age of 35 who are not represented by a gallery in the UK, and are British or UK-based".

"The winner will receive a cash prize of £6,000 and each of the shortlisted artists £1,000. Both the shortlisted artists and the winner will both their entry and their portfolio of work exhibited at the renowned Stephen Friedman Gallery in London in July and August, 2010."

Click here for more information entering the competition and all that malarky.

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