Shadez the Misfit(is actually not really a misfit)

I caught up with shadez the misfit probably known to his mum as tazar.We discussed his music,tap dancing rats and it was just a pretty "normal conversation".
Funmi: Yooooo
Shadez: yo yo yo homesliiceee
Funmi :Soo how did the name Shadez the misfit come about?
Shadez: Well, shadez the misfit was something deep for myself so if i ever fall off i will always be reminded why im doing this.shadez meaning shadow in gods light and misfit meaning not the same as the others. no conforming but no conforming for the better
Funmi: Oh from ure myspace I kinda got the idea the name came from some space galactic??
Shadez: looool
Funmi: Soo i was wrong then...C'mon who u influenced by then??
Shadez: I’m influenced mainly by good music, AndrĂ© 3000 ,Micachu ,Kurt Cobain ,Dexter Wansel ,J*Davey ,Jay electronica , phone from little brother ,mf doom ,madlib ,Metronomy ,Calvin harris,sting and the police and many more

Funmi: I like the way you said "good music" so what would you class as "bad music" then?
Shadez: commercial industry music which does no convey any message or emotion and
talks about aimless possessions which i could buy with money aswell
Funmi: If i paid you 10 grand to sing about tap dancing rats(who pole dance) will you do it? sorry i meant £10 pounds
Shadez: i would but i would add a twist to it make it fun not make it sound like karaoke machine then me and you could spend it in the pub.
Funmi: Do you actually think the chance of tap dancing rats(who pole dance) is high??
Shadez: the future is never promised but with technology anything is possible
Funmi: Oh yehh, Back to the music. How would you describe your style and what separates from the thousands of artists jumping on the scene?

Shadez: my music style is experimental i aim not to place my style in a box or categorise myself soo experimental with the influence of many genres manly hip hop ,indie and electro , what makes me different is that I aim to progress and make timeless music but also show my story through music you being able to experience real life related lyrics music through the eyes of someone who skates who has been in the gang lifestyle who has walked through stages of life that people may be struggling with.
Funmi: Soo what’s ure plans for the coming year? Any gigs?
Shadez: alooot of gigs this year just got news that i might be supporting someone big cant say till all is finalised but big shows and alot of energy , building on my stage presence and providing everyone with Misfit Moments
Funmi: Ok, can u give me a clue on this "someone big"??
Shadez: ummmmmmm nahhh loool hes widely knownn thats all i can say
You suck!

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