Buckery Summary

Well ello bumcheeks,basically my days recently has been spent buying £1 films from Poundland ,playing guitar hero and me BASICALLY trying to find a job and..ermm failing

basically this when i got back from college, and yes, that was a real fur. and no its not mine and YES I GAVE IT BACK TO MY MATE WHO GAVE IT TO ME.
ANIMAL CRUELTY is a no no, even though that fur did make warmmm as ..ermm..tea??

ohh rewind like 3 hours when i was trying on this corset bra thing i got from topshop and..BANG!BOOBS IN URZZ FACE!

Puberty has finally that its course, im proud. BARE IN MIND THAT WAS A SIZE 6 corset bra thigeyy!!! my boobs are kinda non existent *Cries* but they growing as big as cupcakes (some may say)
and ohh snaps i just remembered?!!! WHO WATCH CELEBRITY BROTHER?? yes?? no?? well basically in case you were hibernating or u'd been attack by a dolphin which prevented you from watching, nicole T got secretly evicted(without her shoes on) in which DAVINA, yes davina the host of the show went in , as a chicken pretending to be nicola, this was probably the highlight of the series and BY FAR the funniest moment but creppiest.Enjoy!

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