My Lust: Astley Clarke - ALL I WANT FOR XMAS

Ive been lusting on this site for a few weeks and I realised if i save my ema by 10 weeks i might be able to afford a ring.WOOP! I present you astley clarke.TAH DAH!
"Best Luxury Brand Online 2009" The thing i love them is the fact they're jewellery is soo elegant but yet rather contemporary and its delivered the next day..FOR FREEE!!! that'll surely make a difference in these recession times.

Sooo designer jewellery is what i want for christmasss.Yes.if you love me you'll get me atleast a ring.Ok.thanks.Loveyou too.Smooochesss
"True designer jewellery is a delicate combination of exquisite design, created with due attention by craftsmen of merit using real gemstones and precious metals. This dedication to perfection and inherent value creates some of the most beautiful jewellery in the world."

wise words from the wise men