Dear Vice,STOP indulging HENRY HOLLAND childless fantasies.

Henry henry holland.So you guys now about his sexually charged BRIGHT BOLD t-shirt slogans and pretty peng dresses.Well yes. If you dont.. slap your self and stand in the corner for 5 mins and think about your life.Well anyhooo VBS TV and vodafone teamed to create the wonderwall called "HEROES" which i just really talented lovelies peeps doing pretty interesting stuff(well behind the scene footage).In this case it was henry holland where he decided he wanted to create a real mini house of holland.Which he actually did.

and its a shame i wasnt there becasue obviously i would have juust stayed there forever and ever.Well Duh.the hightlight is that errrythang was actually miniature size.lirally.hahah kinda alice in wonderland-ish..