I like GUYS.!

Alrite with me as long as you foloow or tick this proceduces ill like you or wanna tap ya..i joke but seriously,YES.
  • you have to be jokes..mainly please make me laugh...preferably of a more russell brand or russell howard humour.
    and if you dont even know who they are i advised you slap urself right now..ok?? Finee
  • Im an average loooking gyal i wouldnt say im angelina jolie but you gotta be a teeny ween but peng..preferably with hair..curly or wavy.
  • Other thing is being your own person...have you own style im tryinig of ya'll bait fixed boys..*yawns*
  • If you can make me've won my heart..well really and truly anything dont make me smile or laugh soo you kinda fucked there.
  • Cute text messages i love that....when they do dirty like ohh i wanna BEEEP BEEEP ure face and make you BEEEP.then ill #doachrisbrown on ya.
  • When you dont call back its a HEARTACHE...but then after me staring @ my phone for 3 hours ill just stop being a cheap arse and actually call
  • if you like anyone telll emm dont sayyy i cant BLAH BLAHHH bcuz BLAHH is doing BLAHH BLAHH.jut got offf urself rascaclart self and in the words of nike JUST DO IT!.

Alrite ive kinda rambled on a teeny bit and ive gone of point and i havent really given you a proper guide but heyy what do i know ..i have me own issues..hahah..anywayys tooddles xxx

ps: i just realised this sounded like some weird lonely heart sex ad noooooooo im fineeeee..really i actually

wise words from the wise men