Fashion (not so) Confidential!

Alrite lovelies theres something thats been prevented me from doing coursework or even do any other shizzle is the new online magazine "fashion confidential"its kinda like a fashion-style-i-must-shop-till-i-drop-ohh-cool-garms bible. the thing i love about this magazine is the first hand insider on sample sales from designers like reiss,vivienne westwood,etc( and we all know thats a good thing)In ther issues they make sure they cater to adults,kids,ohh just plain ol fashionstas like all of us

heres the deal if you actually like any stuffage stuffage from the can actually BUY EM(with added discounts) from fashion cool is that..Saaa whaaa?? I Knew u'll agree with me.
•Be the first to shop fashion and beauty must-haves
•Attend VIP events & sales reserved for fashion insiders
•Save thousands of pounds with our exclusive discounts
•Shop the sales before they open to the public
•Get expert fashion and beauty advice and gossip
...and it’s all free!
well im off now. im need to make some TEA TEA TEA!

wise words from the wise men