Eboni: About to shine

I caught up with Eboni, the other day and the following details i tell you about her.i'd advise to to get a pen and paper to write em down.ha;Well she's gonna be 18 on jan.7th soo send her presents innit; She lived in Queens & it was an escape from falling prey to the trouble i could've gotten into finish design school in NY . She wantss an interniship.URGENTLY someone big or just soemone nice cuz she gonna start my own company up (someday); she loves italian food(&some italian guys) but she told me her favorite food is Sizzling Chicken& Shrimp from Fridays . Her favorite supehero is woderwoman just partially one are amzing outfit.which i need in my life.She want to either get into Parsons or FIT in New York(aparently its some good school) Life inspires her(&me).The people & things around her influence her drawing.bright city lights. Music. Love. Oh did i mention she draws prettty independent GIRLS!with rather nice garms.

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