1. Shoe Size: 6
2. Age you get mistaken for: 15 to 17
3. Have Tattoos? no
4. Want any tattoos? meh
5. Best friend? myself
6. Relationship status: **nods**
7. Biggest turn ons: skinny boys, boys who are dylexics, boys who make me tea,boys who can tapdance, and ones who don’t play games
8. Biggest turn offs: any boy that is skinny than me, cockyness
9. Favorite Movie: Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, High school musical, Finding nemo and Fight club
10. I’ll love you if: you make me laugh
11. Someone you miss: the boy and lindsay lohan(pre-horrible blonde hair)
12. A fact about your personality: I’m annoying
13. What I hate most about myself: My voice and my face at times.
14. What I love most about myself: Im kinda funny and can be totally awesome at times.
15. What I want to be when I get older: RICHER
16. My relationship with my sibling(s): only child, man
17. My idea of a perfect date: at a justin bieber concert
18. My biggest pet peeves: COCKYNESS
19. A reason I’ve lied to a friend: mmm I dont know
20. What my last text message says: where are you?
21. What words upset me the most: 'urmm never mind'
22. What I find attractive in boys?: this was already a question(IT REALLY WAS)
23. Where I would like to live: los angeles
24. One of my insecurities: im pretty shy
25. My childhood career choice: Lawyer
26. My favorite ice cream: Chocolate
27. Who I wish I could be: Miley cyrus..lulz
28. Where I want to be right now: in that hampstead heath lido that we didnt end up going to. pffft
29. The last thing I ate: fish and chips
30. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA IM NOT SAYING.
31. A random fact about anything: What do cats dream about?

wise words from the wise men