Title: FLOW

We killed the freckles

and left our love in summer skin
you ran away like a fucking bitch
now you're back together between these thoughts and glicks

-maybe we can find something else
something different like those purple skies


Im sorry, you don't belong here
those wee hours are disappearing
and i keep on glaring

Please,leave this film today
or maybe in the morning
-will you kick me with another warning?

Im trapped in the corner
Im stuck in this shutter
Im high on this mellow
Im lost in this fielder

first movers
third lovers

everything is not lost

Oh, inverted world.
You rushed
I dreamt
about how you slept with fucking sophia?!!?
Did i tell you that she was a...murderer?
and a pretty lousy mumbler(?)

Keep on wondering how those stars
got lost in the pipes
and the dreams turned to yield
- and you left the wind and your girl.

*funmi drops mic and hops off stage, well.....bed*

wise words from the wise men