My homegyal kate and my boy william WEDS!!

Unfortunately i couldnt be at the wedding im allergic to smell of guilt and wilthering cunts.

Sooo on my street, will NEXT to my street. There was some kind od royal wedding inspired type party going on. Me and tia went and shortly left as it wasnt REAAAAAAAALLLY our scene. TOO MUCH TODDLERSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went clapham common for search of free tea, WHICH I DIDNT SEEE but we met this lady who came alll the way from warwickshire. whose name ive forgotten. but she was superduerrnice.
'Ive been hear since last night, ive ben buzzing for that atmosphere. I dont' know. its just the crowd. I even saw the newly weds from that balcony. AMAZING'

 Alrite. Basically from the left that cam whose a dresser for the extras for eastenders. (middle)Rachel whose a buyer for oasis and ...adam..the model. .....THANKS.
 Soo these girls ladies are JUST AMAZING. okay. thank you. bacsicallly they have this new blog/site coming out called 'thebutterflyreview' ...where they ..ureerrmm review make up. ....LOLBONGZ!!!!

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