I did a post similar to this but for urmm guys..only over >>> here but's my short advicey wicey....

Tbh, i wont like to do a quick disclaimer that not the right person to give advice and also this is just my opinion(which is most definetly true) sooo you can ruin you chances with a totally awesome guy if 
  • you smell of cheese
  • look like cheese
  • your breath smells of cheese
  • if you have a lace weave that resembles that of a nicki minaj in that 'you see right thru me' video.
  • laughing when he fingers you just because you're ticklish is just plain rude
  • if you do it like a 'brotha' in the words of jjjjessssie
  • sex his brother
  • shag his best mate
ps: shag and sex are complete different things but yeah..
  • you cry with fear when he fingers you
  • being shit at handjobs//blowjobs and all jobs
  • speaking like the fellow mandem can be off putting to several guys unless his name is dot rotten then you're cool.
  • ringing him all the time could get ANNNOYING ..let him CALL YOU. like him RING YOU. okay?
  • having a squeaky voice
  • talking about your ex boyyfriend on a date will not get you any noooggg...AT ALL.
My mate hannah just said that...
'no sex, no cooking, giving her vaj away to everyone..
naggin the guy,stalkin the guy' is a totez no no no
However, i beggar to differ as if you stick to the good ol facebook stalking then alls good but if you start to wait outside his house at oddly hours and tattoo his telephone number to your arm thats when ...ruin...chance... with..him

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